27 January 2015

Is Kale a carb? Paleo Peas part 2.

Paleo Peas - part 2

How did we go on our first week of official Paleo eating plan?
Good and bad. 

Welcome Peabaodies.

Last week I spoke about our family ( or tribe as Pete loves to say) moving to a paleo way of eating. You can read all about Part one here.

You can even find out more aout what Paleo eating is here and extra meal plans and extra info here
I should have included some more resources last week - Sorry.

Well How did we go….

Well in terms of actually eating clean and healthy we did really well.
In terms of sticking to my very carefully thought out menu plan. Pretty bad.

But thats ok. I planned and shopped for our menu so all the ingredients we had in the house were fresh and healthy.

But we didn't really stick to the menu plan for a variety of reasons - the main one being the weather.

Its been really hot here in the ‘Ol West so we spent a couple of nights eating at my mums house. She has a giant sparkly bue pool. 
and we do not. Plus the weather has been in the high 30’s.

So not only did I not feel like cooking extra in the heat for our snacks but I wasn't home for tea.

But we still ate really well, mostly meat and salad or veggies
A lot of the meals I had planned are meat and three veg.

It sounds boring and very retro but thats what my kids like.
It's simple, fast to cook and doesn't look too threatening on the plate.
 If it ‘aint broke right?

My kids eat veggies so thats easy, But I'm still having problems getting them to eat a salad.
They eat raw carrot and thats about it.

Don’t get me wrong - they aren’t freaks, its not like they are chowing down on kale chips or brussels sprouts. I'm not delusional.

(While we are on the subject of kale chips - does anyone else have trouble believing that these foodie peoples kids are actually eating kale chips. I mean beacuse. Kale.)

But they will eat peas, corn and carrot. and a bit of pumpkin and sweet potato with some persuasion.
Sometimes I can even get them to eat purple carrots and beets. It helps that its purple I think!

Overall I would give our first Paleo week a 7 out of 10. However its time for a new segment within this Paleo Peas series. Its.....

Mushy confessional time:

I did have a bit of a mental health day and got stuck into Red rooster and some coke.
But other than that I've been angelic to point of annoying everyone else around me, so I must be doing it right.

But just like our cavemen and women I discovered some things.

I feel lighter - I think this is because I'm not eating bread, rice or pasta.

Cooking with ghee brings out the natural taste in food and makes your food tastier - it also makes cleaning the pan or pot you've cooked in easier. If the food isn't sticking to the pan then its definaltey not sticking to your ribs.

I’ve lost a bit of weight! YIPPEE!

And it doesn't have to be complicated or totally to the letter to get results.

So our week 2 Menu looks like this

Monday - Sausage and Veggies
Tuesday - Butter chicken ( paleo friendly)
Wednesday - Paleo burgers (where a giant mushroom is used in place of the bun)
Thursday - Beef strog. with cauliflower rice
Friday - Chicken nuggets and veggies
Saturday - steamed veggies and Fish
Sundays - Steak and salad - Pasta for the kids.

Snacks this week include -
Paleo Lamingtons ( for Australia day)
Protein balls
Banana Bread ( paleo friendly)

Pretty simple.

I'm feeling lazy this week already, and it hasn't officially stated yet so I haven’t popped my meal plan in a pretty graphic for you. Sorry Peabodies.

You might have noticed that we are still giving the kids pasta and rice, we are slowly slowly easing them into it - but no pasta or rice for the husbeast and I.

Also this week I'm going to concentrate on doing three extra things for my health.

Lemon water every morning. You can read about the benefits here. I also feel like I’m running on all cylinders when I drink this every morning,

Yoga ( just in the lvivng room with a dvd  - nothing too fancy pants - has anyone clocked the price of yoga in Perth at the moment? Redick!)

Drinking more water - I even bought myself a fancy glass water bottle to tote around with me all hipster style and s**t. *clicks fingers*

Do your kids eat kale?
Do your kids eat Salad? I'd love any tips Peabodies on how to get them to munch on down.

Wish us luck on our next paleo week!

Peas Out



  1. I'm very curious about the PD (but def' not Puff Daddy haha) It makes a lot of sense... We've recently been doing the 5:2 diet (2 days of fasting or limited calorie intake) & feeling good & a little less wobbly ;) The western diet sure seems to let us down, in so many ways!

  2. I did the fasting diet for a while too but actually physically missed eating. I did feel good benefits from it and felt increased energy the following day after the fast. Now i try to fast overnight for 12 hours. So if i eat dinner at 8 i try to eat breakfast at 8 or after - giving my body a rest. Then I can still eat through the day. Good luck with it Bow Birdie I have a few friends who are really benefitting from this. And yes the western diet has let us down........ but mmmmmm bread.....