23 July 2014

My fangirl moment - Meeting Sarah Wilson

Hi Peabodies

A few days ago I went to listen to Sarah Wilson speak. She came to Perth and I was really excited to see her live in the flesh. As you know quitting sugar has been revolutionary to my life ( you can read all about it here) and although cutting out the sugar is a bit of a roller coaster for me at the moment - I’m definitely eating less processed food and looking at my health from a whole wellness perspective.

Thats what Sarah Wilson's message is really about, as she said on the night: 
“Wellness is about sorting out our appetite”

So I went (gulp! by myself) and rocked up to The Urban Coe op (check it out here)  its a really cool studio, industrial hipster style place, and had myself a glass of wine and milled around, checking out the large wall murals and stuff. Then I took a seat in the front row - one lonely little chair on the end - (some advantages to go going by your self.)

I’m not in a corporate environment so going to swanky, cool talks like this is a real rarity for me - it was super cool.

She spoke a bit about nutritional science and where its headed, her I QUIT SUGAR team and the cool stuff they are doing and she spoke a little bit about her own journey. 

When you read and follow someones work or see them on book jackets - to then see them and hear them in person is really weird, but really great when they confirm your expectations. And Sarah Wilson confirmed mine!

Sarah didn't speak for long but she left lots of time to open the floor for questions - which was great - it was interesting to hear what other people were asking!

"Eat lunch like you mean it" Sarah Wilson

And little ‘ol me even asked a question! - had to get my dollars worth you know!!

Sarah Wilson often talks about her morning routine and flow, and how that helps her set up her day - getting out of bed is real issue for me at the moment - in fact I think its the biggest blockage to really living a whole wellness lifestyle. 

I think its mainly due to the fact that I have problems going to bed on time. The Husbeast and I started a little project of our own - Operation Sandman and failed miserably. You can read about that here.

So very nervously with microphone in hand, I asked if she had any tips on how to go to bed early so you can get up early…….

She roughly answered with the following points

Turn off your screens 
Aim to be asleep by 10:30. 
Trust the process and when your ready you'll just go, 
Keep trying and keep going for whatever your reasons are and 
Be committed.
(She was much more friendly and eloquent than the above dots points convey but thats generally the gist.)

Sarah was also asked about her energy levels - which is also something I’m trying to work on - She said she gets a lot of her energy through meditation, her morning routine and she uses food to balance out. When she's feeling low on energy she has something to eat!

When it was time to go I scored a goody bag and lined up to have my I Quit Sugar for Life cookbook signed.

Total fan girl moment!

Peas out 


19 July 2014

Speed bumps, Nigella and Cheesy Montages.

Hi Peabodies

It was my birthday a few days ago. sigh.
Im fortunate actually to have a birthday in the middle of the year - it really gives me a chance to reflect on the first half of the year,

I haven’t been posting much, I haven’t really been around. My little pea pod of a family hit a bit of a speed bump that was unexpected and we didn't see coming. Upon reflection: on the grand scheme of things it is a small bump but incredibly stressful and we are still mopping up. This speed bump bumped all our hard work and goals back about 12 to 18 months - which is incredibly frustrating and stressful when we had our fingertips on what we were trying to achieve.

So I climbed into my shell like a true Cancerian and knuckled down and sorted stuff out. 
I do that sometimes,
I crawl into my shell and then when Im ready to come out I'm just a little bit more awesome. Thats indeed why Im so fabulous! Lol!

Ive been a stay at home mum for 3.5 years. I’m still not really keen with the term ‘stay at home mum’ - it seems to suggest that mums that work don’t ever get a chance to be at home with their kids and the mum who doesn't return to her job doesn't do any work -Neither of which are true. 

But I’m yet to find a better term that suits my situation. 

But I digress. Choosing to stay at home and not return to work was a decision that The Husbeast and I made together. We decided that this is what works best for our family. I was excited. I had visions of kicking Martha Stewarts ass and becoming an angelic domestic goddess with all the prowess of Nigella and all the thriftiness of the family circle.

But none of that happened.
In fact If I was my employer I would have fired myself a long time ago.

“Its hard with Kids” Thats what people day
“Don't be so hard on yourself” They say that too.
“Enjoy your time with the kids - The dishes will be there later.” Also another humdinger.

But I don’t want to leave the dishes overnight,
I like waking up with a clean kitchen it helps my morning zen. And I don’t have a lot of zen in the morning - I’m horrible in the morning. A morning person I am not. Which really sucks when you have kids! The kids don’t care if you're a morning person. They just know its breakfast time.

It is hard with kids. But that doesn't make it impossible and that doesn’t mean I should throw my hands up and toss my Nigella dreams out the door.

It’s my friends job to cut me some slack but If I’m not living to my own expectations how can  I expect my children to??

I just feel like I haven't been living to my full domestic goddess potential. And i didn't feel like positing - I didn't want to talk the talk if I wasn't rocking the walk.

When my environment is clean and organised I feel calm and a sense of accomplishment,
so why the lack of goddess mojo

The answer is. 
I don’t know,
I’m not sure.
But I’m doing a few things about it.
(If my life was a movie - cue the cheesy montage of me training, getting stronger/smarter/awesomer - all to a motivational music track. Eye of the tiger anyone?)

I’m moving and exercising. I started a netball team, I bought a bike trailer for the kiddies and I’m joining a bike riding club. I also bought a yoga dvd and although I find it very very hard to get out of bed before the kids to do it - its on the to do list.

I’ve got housework schedules, lists routines and tricks - I’m getting much more organised.

Im in the early processes of starting a bit of ladies club - a sorority to go out with! Its easy to become isolated when you have little kids and its tricky to go out on the town and have a boogie and a laugh so this club is aimed at exactly achieving that.

I’m taking more pride in the way that I look. Its the old chestnut of when you look good you feel good. Some days thats just walking out the door with out Weetbix smeared jeans on, or a bit of lippy, a fun scarf - small changes - big attitude lifters!

And I’ve got this Blog. To document my journey to Goddessness.

And I’ve got some fun projects to share with y’all in some upcoming posts and well as regular mushy pea stuff!
Watch out Nigella! Mushypeas is coming through

Peas Out


ps. Have you ever felt you weren't living to your best? how did you climb out of your mojo sucking hole? Do you use a cheesy movie montage?

22 April 2014

I went to a Psychic Dinner!

Hi Peabodies.

I recently went to a Psychic dinner! It was something out of the box for me and heaps of fun.
I was invited by my lovely friend Ruth!

When we sat down we had three cards in front of us which told us which Psychics we were seeing.
I had a tarot reading and a sit down with two clairvoyants/mediums.

My Psychics!

There was also a couple of ghost whisperers walking around and selecting people when the spirits wanted to talk to them.

The food was rubbish so I won't go into that but here is a recap of the predictions I received:

Theres travel in my horizon.
A new job on the way (this was predicted by two different psychics)
A celebration around my marriage,
My next baby will be a girl ( predicted by two different psychics again)
and the next baby after that will be a boy!

One of the Clairvoyants really touched on a personal issue of mine and she really managed to outline exactly what was going on  - She knew all sorts of things and I didn't even say anything to her except hello. She read my energy and talked to the spirits. It was very surreal.

Also just before I was about to leave one of the ghost whisperers put his hand on my shoulder, I jumped and felt a tingle! He said there was an older gentleman with me that used to put boot polish on his bald spot - and that I should ask my Gran. Well I haven't had a chance to ask her yet but I'll keep y'all posted

I'm not sure if I'm a true believer or not it was a such a great night! Something I would love to do annually!

Have you been to a psychic?
Do you ever get your tarot done?

I wonder if the predicitions will come true?
I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Peas Out

21 April 2014

Easter wrap up, Project Sandman update and Meditation.Phew.

Happy Easter Peabodies

How was your Easter? I hope you had a wonderful one. Did you spend time with family? I hope you all got a chance to relax. I love Easter time, in our house its hot cross buns, cups of tea and gearing up for winter - getting ready to snuggle under the doona. The EmuUggs are on even though its been unusually warm, I feel if I put them on then the rain is sure to follow.

Usually the Mushypeas family go camping but this year was Pipsqueaks first birthday, she's all wobbly on her feet and still finding her balance so we thought a crawling baby in the bush wouldn't be much fun.
We had a very small get together for her birthday - our normal Easter get together with a birthday cake really. 
I love making birthdays magical for the kids. I feel like every year I learn a little more about putting on a good party.
This year I was calm and relaxed for the first time ever and I'll put together a blog post with some great tips about kids parties soon.

Project Sandman by the way was a complete bust! Failed by the second night.
The first night we were good boys and girls we went to bed right on time.
Night two saw me crawl into bed at 11:30.
Night three was 12:30.
But by night four I gave up trying.

I have since then found a meditation app on my iPhone. I use a quick 15 minute one it calms me down and helps me sleep much better. Theres lots of medication apps out there  - its about finding one that suits you.
It definitely calms me down - gives me a better night sleep and a calmer outlook for the following day.

Do you mediate?
By yourself or with a class? 
Does it help you?

My 100 happy days is still going strong. I'll post some more on that later in the week too.

Well I can't stay here and type when there's chocolate to be eaten!

Peas Out.

8 April 2014

100 Happy days - Day 6 to 12

Hi Peabodies

Did you head over to 100 happy days?

Last week I shared my first 5 days into the project 100 Happy Days - You can read about it here

Below are days 6 to 12.
I must admit I started to find it tricky this week.
I was struggling to find things to post.
For this project I wanted to try and find things outside of my daughters - otherwise it would just the 100 pictures of my girls.
I wanted to challenge myself to look at the great stuff outside of my family. Thats not to say that they won't ever be a picture of them included within in this project - I just wanted to push outside the given.

This project is really forcing me to stop and look. Think and evaluate.
And even though this week, I sometimes struggled, I'm glad I have all these things that makes me happy and I truly value the reflecting time, even if it just a couple of minutes.

Day 6 - A cuppa

Day 7 - My Emu Uggs

Day 8 - Miss L playing with her dolly house

Day 9 - I was having such a good time lunching with friends I forgot to take a photo

Day 10 - My Morning coffee - Can you see the Polar Bear watching the sunset?

Day 11 - Sunday Afternoons in the park

Day 12 - Miss L's Kindy artwork

Do you take the time to stop and smile?
Peas Out

7 April 2014

Catching ZZZZ's - Project Sandman

Hi Pea bodies

Are you a night owl?
Do you have trouble going to bed? To sleep?
The Husbeast and I are so tired, but yet we don't go to bed.

As part of my new years resolution I resolved to go to bed earlier ( read more here)
But thats not happening. 
Miss L drags me out of bed at about 7 ( I know, I know..... thats not even early) and it takes me till about lunch and two coffees before I function.

It's terrible.

Every night we say "tomorrow we must go to bed earlier!" 
Then we say it again in the morning.

But for some reason it never happens.

Whats wrong with us?

We are adults. Like proper grown ups, but yet getting up to going to bed is really hard!

Once the kids are in bed then thats our free time - we get so little of it we try to hang onto to every second.
But we are wasting it - being a zombie in front of the telly is not effective use of free time.

Its no wonder that Miss L throws a tantrum every time she has to leave the park - her free time is over.
The Husbeast and I aren't throwing tantrums but perhaps  if you think about it maybe we are silently. 
We are sticking to the man! 

The only problem with that is we ARE the Man in this situation and the only person we are hurting is ourselves.

Enough is enough Peabodies.

Enter project sandman.
Here are the rules.

1. This project goes for 1 week.
2. At 9.30pm the TV gets turned off
3. We have 30 mins of reading time (no screens before you go to sleep is said to increase the quality of your sleep)
4. At 10 its lights out,
5. The only exception from these rules is to include 'business time'

(for more clarification on 'business time' visit The Flight of the Conchords here)

I've got big expectations for this project,
I want to get better quality sleep - (quitting sugar has helped me with this)
I want to get out of bed earlier and happier - I've got fantasies of drinking a HOT coffee without any interruptions while the kids are still asleep! Imagine that!?
I want to read more and value my tv shows more!!

So tonight marks night 1 so I had better go and get some zzzzz!

Peas Out!

31 March 2014

days 1 to 5 of 100 happy days!

Hi Peabodies

Its been a long time between posts.

I’ve been in a bit of a funky head space dealing with some proper grown up stuff  and I feel this year is slipping away super fast.

Sometimes this wacky earth points you in the right direction and you think wowzers this is for me!

I stumbled upon a great project called 100 happy days and i thought Wowzers!

Head on over to 100happydays.com and have a look. 71% who undertake this project don't finish! I think that's a sad reflection of this crazy fast paced world we live in.
Already its the end of March! I thought that by doing 100 happy days it would encourage me to slow down and take stock every day! To be grateful, thankful and take the time just to be in the moment one day at a time.

I'm 5 days in and already I can feel the difference. I'm thinking of what I'm doing, I'm more aware of myself and its pushing happiness into my conscious thoughts….’what photo could i post today?’ 
I’m fortunate that sometimes I can choose between more than one. Its encouraging in that even when you've had a bad day or your in a funk it helps to put things in perspective,

Below are my first 5 days of happiness.

Day 1 - Making and sewing things.

Day 2 - Playing with my niece

Day 3 - Getting back on the netball court.

Day 4 - Impromptu girlie afternoons.

Day 5 - High tea.

Are you in a funk? Is your year going by at the speed of light? 
Do you think 100 happy days would help you? 
Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?
Give it a try and let me know how you go!

Peas out, Jane.

15 February 2014

Taking Stock February 2014

Hi Pea bodies.

I haven’t  been around much lately. I've been in a bit of a funky headspace. I’m feeling overwhelmed and low. This year feels like it is slipping away too fast, and I feel I haven’t got a tread on the ground or leeway into my resolutions. Some are coming along but mostly I feel like the days are whizzing past which creates overwhelming feelings of blah.

But lucky for me ( and maybe you) I do have some exciting projects in the pipeline and light at the end of the tunnel.

A good exercise to do when your feeling blah is taking stock. Pip Lincolne does this, You can read her latest taking stock here.

Pip has encouraged me to do my own taking stock so here it is,

Making : Mermaid Tails
Cooking : sugar free banana bread
Drinking : Big brew coffee
Reading: Sweet Poison by David Gillespie
Wanting: a new car
Looking: at my two beautiful girls
Playing:  Not candy crush
Deciding: where to live
Wishing: for a bigger garden
Enjoying: freedom of sewing costumes
Waiting: internet purchases to arrive
Liking: One handed Cooks magazine
Wondering: where this year is going
Loving: Pinterest
Pondering: politicians decisions.
Considering: a new haircut
Watching: Grimm season 3
Hoping:for change 
Marvelling: at the olympic athletes
Needing: a massage
Smelling: Dolche and Gabana
Wearing: tinkerbell Pjs
Following: Pip Lincolne
Noticing: the weather getting cooler
Knowing: theres hope in them hills
Thinking: too much
Feeling: overwhelmed
Admiring: seamstresses on Pinterest
Sorting: my craft hoard
Buying: groceries ( boring!)
Getting: some cupcake patty pans and other party goodies
Bookmarking: sewing tutorials heres just one of many here
Disliking: the shark cull
Opening: a new jar of vegemite
Giggling: at my two daughters laughing together
Feeling: blessed
Snacking: on savoury shapes
Coveting: a brown leather jacket
Wishing: for brighter days
Helping: my daughters
Hearing: my own voices going round and round in my head!

This feels a bit self centred at the moment but unfortunately thats just where I am right now. Sometimes you have to be, No?

This is a good reflection to do often I think.

Peace Out.

6 January 2014

Evil sucky vortex's - You you might know them as Supermarkets.

Ok. Whoa. Deep breath Pea-bodies!

I’ve even given myself two days to calm down before writing this, but my blood is still boiling! I don’t even know where to start! I’m flabbergasted, disgusted, conflicted! It’s an emotional turmoil in my mushy pea brain!!!
I just….
It’s so…
You don’t even….
Ok. Whoa. deep breath.

Perhaps I’ll start with a disclaimer.

When I started Mushy Peas and Me I said to myself I was not going to use it as a platform to get up on my soapbox and rant and rant! I’ve got my own personal Facebook account for that ;)

I wanted it to be a happy place about domestic-y things with a but of life thrown in here and there, So don’t panic that most of my posts will be rants. Just this one.


Ok.Deep breath.

So I went to do my grocery shopping and they had Easter eggs on the shelf. Easter Eggs.Four days after new years eve. Thats only a week and half after Christmas. As if they aren’t going to make enough money in January selling Australian flag gear thats all made in Bangladesh sweat shops and actually has nothing to do with Australia at all.

Easter Eggs. Four days after New Year Eve.
Easter is in April this year so even for the most organised of folk thats still 3 months too early.

I resent you giant supermarket corporation.

I resent that you use my children as marketing tools so you can make money.

I resent that you make your own labels and and have your brand and one other brand (whoever can pay higher) on the shelf. Two brands of oats is really not good enough.

I resent that you try and tell me your supporting local farmers when Lamb is $24.00 a kilo even though there is a glutton of lamb on the market due to the banning of Live Exports ( thats a whole separate post I think.)

I resent that you advertise that most of your fruit and veg comes from Australia like you deserve a gold star for it. It should be a no brainer that your doing that, why should you get a star for something you should already be doing - Isn't your giant profit enough?

So no more Mr and Mrs Supermarket.
You are deleted from my life

I will get my produce from the farmers market (something I should be doing all the time but only do sometimes)
I will source my flour and stevia form somewhere else and I will protest with my dollar.
I will choose who gets my money. 

But who am I to judge the evilness of supermarket corporations?
Didn't I just pledge to buy ethically? then go out and buy form non ethical clothing manufacturers?
I even downloaded the buy ethically App - you can get that here.
I found it really really hard!

Why is it so hard?
Its hard for me with two kids to get to a farmers market. Pushing the pram around in the dirt and getting bogged, not having enough hands to hold Mis L and my veggies- Ugh disastrous.
Where else does one buy theIr flour from? ( no really - I'm asking proper like, that question is not rhetorical.)

Maybe your a working mum or dad? Who is tired! who works shifts and never gets to sleep in except on sundays - You don’t want be at the market - you want to be able to go to the supermarket to get your groceries  and night and save the weekends for family time. I get it.

Maybe your a single mum or dad who doesn't have family members close by to watch your kids so you have to take them to the supermarket  and bribe them  with January easter eggs so they stay in the trolley. I get it. 

Whatever your reason the supermarkets make it super convenient, and super tricky to go anywhere else. They are like an evil vortex sucking you in.

It’s hard out there and the Supermarkets thrive on this and it make me sick.

So whats the answer?
I don’t know.
I think its a different answer for everybody,

For me its about organisation, energy and preparation. My mantra for 2014.

I have to be organised to get a sitter for the kids, or get a trolley to hold my veggies and chuck the Pipsqueak in the baby carrier and get to the farmers market. I have to be organised to get up early to get there!
I have to be organised to bring my shopping bags, shopping list and meal plan.
So much organisation.
And being organised takes energy.

So perhaps I will just stop buying stuff altogether! I have heaps of clothes and shoes I don’t even need the stuff I bought the other day. 
I will try and go 6 months without buying any clothes or shoes for me or the kids. Or if I do buy it will be a thought out calm decision from an ethical company  - Not a frenzied last minute regret buy. Or I’ll buy second hand (which I do quite a bit for the kids already) or I’ll get on the machine.

I will save my money.
I will save the planet
I will choose where my dollar goes.

And the supermarkets can shove there USA oranges right up their backsides.

Ok? Ok.
Rant over,
Thank you or listening,

Do you think that easter eggs and hot cross buns this early is ridiculous?
How are your resolutions going?
Are you sticking to them? I’f not cut yourself some slack - The year is still only beginning. You don't need to be in a rush like you know who…..

Peas Out.