8 January 2015

Run Bambi! Run toward the forest.........

Remember this post

Im such a sucker for the New Year,
New Years day is my favourite day of the year.
I love the fresh crispiness of it.
Every year I enter into the beginning of the year like a wide eyed Bambi full of resolutions and new energy.
But this Bambi became road kill half way through last year and it has been a bit tricky getting up off the road and back into the forrest.

I haven't been blogging.
I haven't been playing the ukelele
I haven’t been doing half the things I promised myself I would this time last year.

But guess what?
It’s the new year!! Hooray!!!!!

Time to start afresh. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Breathe out.

But why bother? Some people aren't into resolutions - why make goals your never going to keep right?
Well I’m all about self love ( its impossible not to love moi right?) but I'm also into improving ones self because we are all human. We all make mistakes, we all get lost, lazy lonely, lustful, languid? Ok so I ran out of L words but the point is its important to me to have goals and work towards something or in my case many things.

So this year - I think I’ll keep my resolutions private and not post onto the wide web of ours - actually Im still working out exactly what they are but hopefully Pea-bodies you will discover what they are as I conquer them all … and then the world ….(insert evil laugh here)

Happy new year to you all Pea-bodies
I hope you all had a merry and safe one.

Peas out.


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