5 February 2015

Are Cheezels a carb? Even on Australia Day?

Welcome Peabodies to part 3 of my Paleo Peas Series

(you can read part 1 and part 2 here and here )

The year is ticking away so quickly already. Schools back, most are back at work, 
peak hour traffic is back the hum of 2015 is in full key.

We have been doing really well on our paleo adventure.
 I kept mostly to the meal plan this week which made things a bit easier in the prep for school.

There were two significant things that stood out for me this week.
1. I’m not hungry, in fact I’m eating less overall as I'm feeling full until meal times. 
The I quit sugar kids talk a little about why this is here.

2. This paleo diet uses a lot of eggs. So many eggs!! But thats ok. We don't have any allegories and the kids like egg so all goog! (see what i did there?)

So i was being a good little Pea ...That was until…….
(its mushy confessional time...)
I'll let the pictures to the talking. I’m too ashamed to type it out.

When good paleo kids go bad

thats instant noodle - Mi Goring to be exact.

Total binge fest.
I don't know what came over me.

Ok I do know what came over me:
It was a long weekend,
The kids were having a sleepover with their grandparents so I had some freedom.

Because. Cheezels.

Plus I'm pretty sure you can go to jail for being un-Australian and not eating Cheezels on Australia day so I didn't want to risk breaking the law.

But oh…….OH.
The hangover.

Not long after  - within the hour I started to feel really sick.
I got the shakes.
And felt anxious. And gross.

I didn't even get the fun night out with the girls to make the suffering bare-able. 
Just me alone. 
Scoffing like crazy feeling like a rebellious school girl sneaking lollies into the boys dorm on school camp.

I have only been clean eating for 3 or 4 weeks and already my body can feel the difference and it doesn’t like being put in the naughty corner it seems.

Apart from this  erhum …misdemeanour….. I've actually been pretty good.
I've even lost weight,

Whhaaaaaat? Thats right. I so skinny.

Ok not super skinny but I've lost 4 kilos…. which is exciting because all I've done is cut out the processed food, sugar and kept carbs to a minimum. No pasta or rice and only a potato here and there.

Ok so our week 3 meal plan looks like this:

Monday - Fakeaway slow cooked kebabs.

Tuesday - Lamb shanks, veg, pumpkin mash

Wednesday - Roast chicken

Thursday - Pork chop, coleslaw, hand made chips

Friday - Chicken pie ( with left over roast Ill probably make the pie on wedensday and freeze)

Saturday - ok i haven’t actually figured out what to have on saturday or sunday - Ill probably just make them leftover nights and cook omelette or we will have breakfast for dinner - bacon and eggs, tomatoes mushrooms!!

Sunday- ??

Sometimes you just cant be bothered ya know?

And thats OK!

I hope your getting into the swing of the new year and getting down to business.
Don't forget to stop and shell the peas!

Peas Out,


  1. Isn't it incredible how our bodies react to the bad stuff when we've had a break for a while. I know that feeling. But seriously we can't be saints either. I think a little binge every now and then isn't such a bad thing, if you can deal with the 'hangover'. Good luck with it all. You're a better woman than me. x

  2. Thanks Deb! They are great words of encouragement especially now that the hot cross buns have hit the shops! Thanks for taking the time to stop by read and comment!
    It is amazing how we don't listen to our bodies. I think if my body could I'd be in the naughty corner for not listening.