1 September 2015

My Big Fat Rut, Bum dents and Me.

Hi Peabodies.

Today was the first day of spring. Hooray!!
Its time to wake up from my hibernation and start living again. Hoo.....really?
And when I say living, I mean more than existing.

You see I've been in a dirty great big fat Rut.
A rut. A hollow place where Lord Grumpiness ruled and Captain Lazy was too tired to get up and usurp him. 

But boy was it good to be there. So goooooooooooood.
So Good.

It’s comfy here,in my Rut, on the couch. Not showering everyday. Eating loads of bad food. I even elected myself mayor of Sugar Squarf City. 
Such a fun place, Squarf City. 

I even managed to knock out season 1 to 4 of Dance Moms. Tragic isn't it. 
Tragic, but totes fun y'all.
I’m a Cancerian. We love hiding in our crabby shells, and I’ve been hiding in mine for quite some time. But because it's all cosy and the company is great its hard to get out and pop back into the real world.

Sometimes being an adult really sucks balls. 
Especially when sometimes you’re waiting for other people before you can move forward. Banks. Government departments. Lawyers. Dumb grown up people who get up and go to work and slowly turn the wheels of industry.

So, sort of while I was waiting  (still waiting by the way) I started to feel sorry for myself and I started to make such a distinct bum dent in the couch I sort of just stayed there. Only doing the minimal. With two kids there isn't really a 'minimal' but I think I perfected the art.

But the time has come where my, although glorious and a little bit self loathing rut, has got to go.

So what am I going to do, to haul myself out? 
oh I'm so glad you asked pea bodies…. I'm. so. glad. you. asked.

I got a haircut. That helps I think. Apart from the, you know hygienic grooming side of it, new hair always makes you feel shiny and new.
Ahhhhh get me out of this Rut. Also, New hair.

I'm doing sugar free September, inspired by Cass from Live it. Do it. 
You can check her out here.
You might want to join! It's never too late.

Sugar Free September Day 1 - Nourishing Breakfast.

Along with my sugar freeness I’m trying out some meditation. One with an app - I'm trying a few so I'll let you know which one I like best, and meditation through adult colouring.

Adult Colouring. Don't scoff till you've tried it!

I’m really interested in the slow movement. More on that later - I’m sure thats a blog post all on its own.

I'm generally just trying to be a bit more patient and happy and grateful and less of an asshole. I'm trying to be more aware of myself and those around me and focus on what really matters like trying not to yell when the kids take 10 minutes to get in the car.

I read some helpful books while I was in the pit of ruttiness. 
Sometimes a pep talk is good. These books were real kick starters:

Craft for the soul - By Pip Lincolne from meet me at mikes  - Buy it here

The happiness project - By Gretchen Rubin - Buy it Here  - Incidentally she talks about September being the new January  on her website.... its a good read. Also I think I will get her new book too!

And I’m half way through The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - By Marie Kondo. - Get that here.

So spring, the suns out and now its time. 
I need you to spring me into action so I can be awesome again!

Are you waiting to be awesome again?
Are you in a Rut?
Do you like to Colour in?

Peas Out


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