6 January 2014

Evil sucky vortex's - You you might know them as Supermarkets.

Ok. Whoa. Deep breath Pea-bodies!

I’ve even given myself two days to calm down before writing this, but my blood is still boiling! I don’t even know where to start! I’m flabbergasted, disgusted, conflicted! It’s an emotional turmoil in my mushy pea brain!!!
I just….
It’s so…
You don’t even….
Ok. Whoa. deep breath.

Perhaps I’ll start with a disclaimer.

When I started Mushy Peas and Me I said to myself I was not going to use it as a platform to get up on my soapbox and rant and rant! I’ve got my own personal Facebook account for that ;)

I wanted it to be a happy place about domestic-y things with a but of life thrown in here and there, So don’t panic that most of my posts will be rants. Just this one.


Ok.Deep breath.

So I went to do my grocery shopping and they had Easter eggs on the shelf. Easter Eggs.Four days after new years eve. Thats only a week and half after Christmas. As if they aren’t going to make enough money in January selling Australian flag gear thats all made in Bangladesh sweat shops and actually has nothing to do with Australia at all.

Easter Eggs. Four days after New Year Eve.
Easter is in April this year so even for the most organised of folk thats still 3 months too early.

I resent you giant supermarket corporation.

I resent that you use my children as marketing tools so you can make money.

I resent that you make your own labels and and have your brand and one other brand (whoever can pay higher) on the shelf. Two brands of oats is really not good enough.

I resent that you try and tell me your supporting local farmers when Lamb is $24.00 a kilo even though there is a glutton of lamb on the market due to the banning of Live Exports ( thats a whole separate post I think.)

I resent that you advertise that most of your fruit and veg comes from Australia like you deserve a gold star for it. It should be a no brainer that your doing that, why should you get a star for something you should already be doing - Isn't your giant profit enough?

So no more Mr and Mrs Supermarket.
You are deleted from my life

I will get my produce from the farmers market (something I should be doing all the time but only do sometimes)
I will source my flour and stevia form somewhere else and I will protest with my dollar.
I will choose who gets my money. 

But who am I to judge the evilness of supermarket corporations?
Didn't I just pledge to buy ethically? then go out and buy form non ethical clothing manufacturers?
I even downloaded the buy ethically App - you can get that here.
I found it really really hard!

Why is it so hard?
Its hard for me with two kids to get to a farmers market. Pushing the pram around in the dirt and getting bogged, not having enough hands to hold Mis L and my veggies- Ugh disastrous.
Where else does one buy theIr flour from? ( no really - I'm asking proper like, that question is not rhetorical.)

Maybe your a working mum or dad? Who is tired! who works shifts and never gets to sleep in except on sundays - You don’t want be at the market - you want to be able to go to the supermarket to get your groceries  and night and save the weekends for family time. I get it.

Maybe your a single mum or dad who doesn't have family members close by to watch your kids so you have to take them to the supermarket  and bribe them  with January easter eggs so they stay in the trolley. I get it. 

Whatever your reason the supermarkets make it super convenient, and super tricky to go anywhere else. They are like an evil vortex sucking you in.

It’s hard out there and the Supermarkets thrive on this and it make me sick.

So whats the answer?
I don’t know.
I think its a different answer for everybody,

For me its about organisation, energy and preparation. My mantra for 2014.

I have to be organised to get a sitter for the kids, or get a trolley to hold my veggies and chuck the Pipsqueak in the baby carrier and get to the farmers market. I have to be organised to get up early to get there!
I have to be organised to bring my shopping bags, shopping list and meal plan.
So much organisation.
And being organised takes energy.

So perhaps I will just stop buying stuff altogether! I have heaps of clothes and shoes I don’t even need the stuff I bought the other day. 
I will try and go 6 months without buying any clothes or shoes for me or the kids. Or if I do buy it will be a thought out calm decision from an ethical company  - Not a frenzied last minute regret buy. Or I’ll buy second hand (which I do quite a bit for the kids already) or I’ll get on the machine.

I will save my money.
I will save the planet
I will choose where my dollar goes.

And the supermarkets can shove there USA oranges right up their backsides.

Ok? Ok.
Rant over,
Thank you or listening,

Do you think that easter eggs and hot cross buns this early is ridiculous?
How are your resolutions going?
Are you sticking to them? I’f not cut yourself some slack - The year is still only beginning. You don't need to be in a rush like you know who…..

Peas Out.



  1. I love this post and I wholeheartedly support your decision..I try hard to do the right thing and buy from my local markets and have a small vegie patch..it is hard though and I don't have kids!

  2. Thankyou Tashbrown! - it is really hard. I have been a bit slack about this but have recently found a new butcher that's all free range and local. Everything! even eggs!!! We haven't set up a veggie patch yet but I hope to shortly..... Thanks for taking the time to read by blog! Happy Gardening!