15 February 2014

Taking Stock February 2014

Hi Pea bodies.

I haven’t  been around much lately. I've been in a bit of a funky headspace. I’m feeling overwhelmed and low. This year feels like it is slipping away too fast, and I feel I haven’t got a tread on the ground or leeway into my resolutions. Some are coming along but mostly I feel like the days are whizzing past which creates overwhelming feelings of blah.

But lucky for me ( and maybe you) I do have some exciting projects in the pipeline and light at the end of the tunnel.

A good exercise to do when your feeling blah is taking stock. Pip Lincolne does this, You can read her latest taking stock here.

Pip has encouraged me to do my own taking stock so here it is,

Making : Mermaid Tails
Cooking : sugar free banana bread
Drinking : Big brew coffee
Reading: Sweet Poison by David Gillespie
Wanting: a new car
Looking: at my two beautiful girls
Playing:  Not candy crush
Deciding: where to live
Wishing: for a bigger garden
Enjoying: freedom of sewing costumes
Waiting: internet purchases to arrive
Liking: One handed Cooks magazine
Wondering: where this year is going
Loving: Pinterest
Pondering: politicians decisions.
Considering: a new haircut
Watching: Grimm season 3
Hoping:for change 
Marvelling: at the olympic athletes
Needing: a massage
Smelling: Dolche and Gabana
Wearing: tinkerbell Pjs
Following: Pip Lincolne
Noticing: the weather getting cooler
Knowing: theres hope in them hills
Thinking: too much
Feeling: overwhelmed
Admiring: seamstresses on Pinterest
Sorting: my craft hoard
Buying: groceries ( boring!)
Getting: some cupcake patty pans and other party goodies
Bookmarking: sewing tutorials heres just one of many here
Disliking: the shark cull
Opening: a new jar of vegemite
Giggling: at my two daughters laughing together
Feeling: blessed
Snacking: on savoury shapes
Coveting: a brown leather jacket
Wishing: for brighter days
Helping: my daughters
Hearing: my own voices going round and round in my head!

This feels a bit self centred at the moment but unfortunately thats just where I am right now. Sometimes you have to be, No?

This is a good reflection to do often I think.

Peace Out.


  1. I'm with you on the shark cull - so devastating. Can't wait to see your mermaid tails :) Flick x

  2. And its still happening Flick - so frustrating.