31 December 2013

How I aim to make the other Dance Mums hate me and other goals for 2014.

Happy new year Pea-bodies!

A new year.
I love New years day.
I love what it brings. I love the fresh beginning. The clean start.
I love making resolutions and I get excited about the new changes I can make.
I make them every year. Some stick. Some don’t. And that's OK.
I feel that change can be progress, no matter how slow.

Some people aren’t into the resolution making thing and that's OK. But I love to make goals and resolutions every year.
I know in reality its just a day - and you can make changes and goals anytime. But there's a kind of energy that comes with New Years Day. 
A clean slate. 
A new start. 
Better beginnings. 

So Pea-bodies here is a list of things I want to achieve this coming new year.
(It looks like a long list but its really not. I promise.)


Get healthy:
Cut back on my sugar: 
Although I have cut out my sugar considerably it keeps creeping creeping creeping back into my diet - so I want to quit it and have control over it and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Get the Kids healthy:
Cut out the Kids sugar. Miss L eats heaps of sugar! Heaps! I wasn't aware how much sugar until I cut out my own. I want to keep sugar just for treats and special occasions!

Get Up and at ‘em:
I need to jump out of bed. In 2014 I want to become a morning person! I want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier! I love being up at night - this is my free time, but I love getting good quality sleep more. And the kids make being a night owl really hard and the hard drive makes taping the TV really easy so I’m struggling to come up with reasons why not to turn in at a reasonable hour.

Get organised:
I want to be organised. I want to be so organised that the other Dance mums are sick with jealousy! Cakes, biscuits, clean house, washing done, places on time, gosh I'm getting dizzy just hinting about my success with this! all the other mums will hate me I’ll be that angelic!  When I’m organised and in control then I'm not stressed. not stressed is happy. Stressed is not happy. simples.

Get Musical:
I want to learn the Ukulele. I started this when I was pregnant with Pipsqueak but the morning sickness took over and I could barely get out of bed let alone play music. I love to teach my self new skills (face-painting, crochet, sewing…. I'm not always good at these new skills but I love the challenge) I think that as adults we make kids try all sorts of new things but yet we don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new things ourselves. Mastering news skills is a skill in itself i think. There needs to be something outside of work and kids. Humans are curious and clever so I think its natural to try new things, and feed that need.

Get Ethical:
I want to make Ethical decisions starting with fashion. I will sign up with Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes Here. I want to start with fashion and then onto food and other things.

Get Blogging:
Lastly I want to make Mushy Peas and Me a great place for you all to come and have a cuppa and quick read whilst you're taking a break form something else. I want my bloggersphere to bring joy and smiles whilst you follow me why I try to master all the things above!

Do you make resolutions?
Do you stick to them?
Do you have a new hobby you want to try in 2014?

I think it doesn't matter how many times you start as long as you keep starting!

Peas Out

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