31 March 2014

days 1 to 5 of 100 happy days!

Hi Peabodies

Its been a long time between posts.

I’ve been in a bit of a funky head space dealing with some proper grown up stuff  and I feel this year is slipping away super fast.

Sometimes this wacky earth points you in the right direction and you think wowzers this is for me!

I stumbled upon a great project called 100 happy days and i thought Wowzers!

Head on over to 100happydays.com and have a look. 71% who undertake this project don't finish! I think that's a sad reflection of this crazy fast paced world we live in.
Already its the end of March! I thought that by doing 100 happy days it would encourage me to slow down and take stock every day! To be grateful, thankful and take the time just to be in the moment one day at a time.

I'm 5 days in and already I can feel the difference. I'm thinking of what I'm doing, I'm more aware of myself and its pushing happiness into my conscious thoughts….’what photo could i post today?’ 
I’m fortunate that sometimes I can choose between more than one. Its encouraging in that even when you've had a bad day or your in a funk it helps to put things in perspective,

Below are my first 5 days of happiness.

Day 1 - Making and sewing things.

Day 2 - Playing with my niece

Day 3 - Getting back on the netball court.

Day 4 - Impromptu girlie afternoons.

Day 5 - High tea.

Are you in a funk? Is your year going by at the speed of light? 
Do you think 100 happy days would help you? 
Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?
Give it a try and let me know how you go!

Peas out, Jane.

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