7 April 2014

Catching ZZZZ's - Project Sandman

Hi Pea bodies

Are you a night owl?
Do you have trouble going to bed? To sleep?
The Husbeast and I are so tired, but yet we don't go to bed.

As part of my new years resolution I resolved to go to bed earlier ( read more here)
But thats not happening. 
Miss L drags me out of bed at about 7 ( I know, I know..... thats not even early) and it takes me till about lunch and two coffees before I function.

It's terrible.

Every night we say "tomorrow we must go to bed earlier!" 
Then we say it again in the morning.

But for some reason it never happens.

Whats wrong with us?

We are adults. Like proper grown ups, but yet getting up to going to bed is really hard!

Once the kids are in bed then thats our free time - we get so little of it we try to hang onto to every second.
But we are wasting it - being a zombie in front of the telly is not effective use of free time.

Its no wonder that Miss L throws a tantrum every time she has to leave the park - her free time is over.
The Husbeast and I aren't throwing tantrums but perhaps  if you think about it maybe we are silently. 
We are sticking to the man! 

The only problem with that is we ARE the Man in this situation and the only person we are hurting is ourselves.

Enough is enough Peabodies.

Enter project sandman.
Here are the rules.

1. This project goes for 1 week.
2. At 9.30pm the TV gets turned off
3. We have 30 mins of reading time (no screens before you go to sleep is said to increase the quality of your sleep)
4. At 10 its lights out,
5. The only exception from these rules is to include 'business time'

(for more clarification on 'business time' visit The Flight of the Conchords here)

I've got big expectations for this project,
I want to get better quality sleep - (quitting sugar has helped me with this)
I want to get out of bed earlier and happier - I've got fantasies of drinking a HOT coffee without any interruptions while the kids are still asleep! Imagine that!?
I want to read more and value my tv shows more!!

So tonight marks night 1 so I had better go and get some zzzzz!

Peas Out!

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