8 April 2014

100 Happy days - Day 6 to 12

Hi Peabodies

Did you head over to 100 happy days?

Last week I shared my first 5 days into the project 100 Happy Days - You can read about it here

Below are days 6 to 12.
I must admit I started to find it tricky this week.
I was struggling to find things to post.
For this project I wanted to try and find things outside of my daughters - otherwise it would just the 100 pictures of my girls.
I wanted to challenge myself to look at the great stuff outside of my family. Thats not to say that they won't ever be a picture of them included within in this project - I just wanted to push outside the given.

This project is really forcing me to stop and look. Think and evaluate.
And even though this week, I sometimes struggled, I'm glad I have all these things that makes me happy and I truly value the reflecting time, even if it just a couple of minutes.

Day 6 - A cuppa

Day 7 - My Emu Uggs

Day 8 - Miss L playing with her dolly house

Day 9 - I was having such a good time lunching with friends I forgot to take a photo

Day 10 - My Morning coffee - Can you see the Polar Bear watching the sunset?

Day 11 - Sunday Afternoons in the park

Day 12 - Miss L's Kindy artwork

Do you take the time to stop and smile?
Peas Out

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