22 April 2014

I went to a Psychic Dinner!

Hi Peabodies.

I recently went to a Psychic dinner! It was something out of the box for me and heaps of fun.
I was invited by my lovely friend Ruth!

When we sat down we had three cards in front of us which told us which Psychics we were seeing.
I had a tarot reading and a sit down with two clairvoyants/mediums.

My Psychics!

There was also a couple of ghost whisperers walking around and selecting people when the spirits wanted to talk to them.

The food was rubbish so I won't go into that but here is a recap of the predictions I received:

Theres travel in my horizon.
A new job on the way (this was predicted by two different psychics)
A celebration around my marriage,
My next baby will be a girl ( predicted by two different psychics again)
and the next baby after that will be a boy!

One of the Clairvoyants really touched on a personal issue of mine and she really managed to outline exactly what was going on  - She knew all sorts of things and I didn't even say anything to her except hello. She read my energy and talked to the spirits. It was very surreal.

Also just before I was about to leave one of the ghost whisperers put his hand on my shoulder, I jumped and felt a tingle! He said there was an older gentleman with me that used to put boot polish on his bald spot - and that I should ask my Gran. Well I haven't had a chance to ask her yet but I'll keep y'all posted

I'm not sure if I'm a true believer or not it was a such a great night! Something I would love to do annually!

Have you been to a psychic?
Do you ever get your tarot done?

I wonder if the predicitions will come true?
I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Peas Out


  1. Me again Jane ;) I've had some fantasticly weird & wonderful experiences with palm readers/clairvoyants over the years... & although I'm part sceptical & open to it, one seemingly predicted who my partner would be! (He was a dear long time friend at the time) but she described him exactly & was the trigger to me looking at him in a whole new way haha *hope the good stuff comes true for you (& chuck out the rest!)

  2. Wow Bow Birdie! that is very cool. What a cool meet up story to tell at dinner parties. I must admit since writing this article NONE of the predictions have come to fruition. Maybe I went on a dud night? Spirits need a day off too right?