23 July 2014

My fangirl moment - Meeting Sarah Wilson

Hi Peabodies

A few days ago I went to listen to Sarah Wilson speak. She came to Perth and I was really excited to see her live in the flesh. As you know quitting sugar has been revolutionary to my life ( you can read all about it here) and although cutting out the sugar is a bit of a roller coaster for me at the moment - I’m definitely eating less processed food and looking at my health from a whole wellness perspective.

Thats what Sarah Wilson's message is really about, as she said on the night: 
“Wellness is about sorting out our appetite”

So I went (gulp! by myself) and rocked up to The Urban Coe op (check it out here)  its a really cool studio, industrial hipster style place, and had myself a glass of wine and milled around, checking out the large wall murals and stuff. Then I took a seat in the front row - one lonely little chair on the end - (some advantages to go going by your self.)

I’m not in a corporate environment so going to swanky, cool talks like this is a real rarity for me - it was super cool.

She spoke a bit about nutritional science and where its headed, her I QUIT SUGAR team and the cool stuff they are doing and she spoke a little bit about her own journey. 

When you read and follow someones work or see them on book jackets - to then see them and hear them in person is really weird, but really great when they confirm your expectations. And Sarah Wilson confirmed mine!

Sarah didn't speak for long but she left lots of time to open the floor for questions - which was great - it was interesting to hear what other people were asking!

"Eat lunch like you mean it" Sarah Wilson

And little ‘ol me even asked a question! - had to get my dollars worth you know!!

Sarah Wilson often talks about her morning routine and flow, and how that helps her set up her day - getting out of bed is real issue for me at the moment - in fact I think its the biggest blockage to really living a whole wellness lifestyle. 

I think its mainly due to the fact that I have problems going to bed on time. The Husbeast and I started a little project of our own - Operation Sandman and failed miserably. You can read about that here.

So very nervously with microphone in hand, I asked if she had any tips on how to go to bed early so you can get up early…….

She roughly answered with the following points

Turn off your screens 
Aim to be asleep by 10:30. 
Trust the process and when your ready you'll just go, 
Keep trying and keep going for whatever your reasons are and 
Be committed.
(She was much more friendly and eloquent than the above dots points convey but thats generally the gist.)

Sarah was also asked about her energy levels - which is also something I’m trying to work on - She said she gets a lot of her energy through meditation, her morning routine and she uses food to balance out. When she's feeling low on energy she has something to eat!

When it was time to go I scored a goody bag and lined up to have my I Quit Sugar for Life cookbook signed.

Total fan girl moment!

Peas out 


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