8 December 2013

Confessions of a craft hoarder.

Its 20 days out from Christmas and my sewing room looks like this:

I heard your gasp of horror.
Hi. My name is Jane and I am a Craft Hoarder.
Wow feels good to get that off my chest.
Seriously though I have a hoarding problem. I have stuff in there that hasn't even been used. Most of the stuff has only been used once and there is oh so much material. So. Much. Material.

I have a few crafty projects in mind for the Christmas season but cannot get to my sewing machine   - (If you squint you can see it in there......somewhere.)

Some of these projects include sewing Pipsqueaks first Christmas Stocking and altering Miss L's dance costume so that it doesn't look like she has fleas while she is dancing on stage at the end year performance!

Often I follow lovely blogs and they post about how organised they are; and how beautiful their craft space is from which they produce beautiful crafty items. I then drool over my computer and swear in a very un-lady like fashion when I get electric shocks from the keyboard.

I like to think that the mess is a result of me being a creative genius heavily involved in wonderful crafter-noons.......... 
*insert visions of my daughters running and singing in matching dresses Sound of Music style.*
.....but as it turns out... Im just Lazy.

Right then, Its time for Action.
Admitting you have a problem is ..... whats that saying again?
Well I rolled up my sleeves and it took a few day and now my Sewing room looks like this:

Shall I give you a moment to wipe your drool!
(If you squint you can see Labels. Labels!)

So now I have to get my sew on. I'm not sure why I'm using Christmas as a countdown given the projects I want to do need to be done before Christmas.

So as the new year approaches I think perhaps including in my resolutions is to keep my sewing room tidy and not to buy any more material. I wonder if I can go a whole year without buying or acquiring any more material.... mmm something for me to think about or something my avid readers could hold me to......

More posts on my successful sewing projects to come...

Peas out.


  1. Oh what I'd give to have a whole room of my own for crafty-sewing goodness!

    1. Hi Cityhippyfarmgirl. This space is actually one end of a room, The Husbeast has the other end for his music and guitars, We made a kid free creative zone to save ourselves from having nervous breakdowns! The Husbeast of course keeps his end very tidy! But I am very fortunate to have such a space!

  2. I've also made a vow not to buy any more fabric until I use what I've got, see how long that lasts! Good luck with your sewing projects. I'm with CityHippyFarmGirl, my sewing room is my kitchen table!

    1. Hi Nicole! Lets be stash busters together! I know we can refrain from new fabric if we try! we can help each other!!

  3. I need to buy fabric....I justify this need by calling it insulation.....

  4. Lol Fiona Slater! Thats a good idea.......