22 December 2013

Quitting the white stuff - a little about the beginning of my journey to cutting sugar.

Hi Pea-bodies!

I quit sugar. Yep. Me. I did that. Me. The Timtam squarfing, juice drowning, chocmilk bathing, cake face planting me.

I signed up with Sarah Wilson and did her 8 week quitting sugar detox program.

If I’m honest with you I didn't do the whole 8 weeks, I fell off the wagon about half way through, then just for good measure the wagon backed up and reversed over the top of me. 
But I got back in the wagon and I think thats a credit to Sarah Wilson's program. I’m usually more of a ‘“Oh well there goes that wagon” as I stand up and mill around while the dust clears waiting for the next wagon to come by’ sort of a girl. But I seem to be staying on this wagon and I think its because of the detox program.

The first week was easy! This is a piece of cake. Or not-cake as it turns out.
The second week became harder, and I got tired, so tired. 

But although I was tired at the same time I was starting to feel more energetic, and I was sleeping better. So. Much. Better.

In fact I didn't realise how badly I was sleeping until the quality of my sleep improved.
Then other benefits starting sneaking in, my teeth improved: no aching or sensitivity. 
My skin cleared up and people started to comment on how good I looked.

And I’ve lost some weight and a lot of bloating!

I’m calmer. I’m more relaxed. No nightmares. My reflexes have improved too - I’m catching stuff that Pipsqueak is dropping like some kind of a Super Mumma Ninja.

And people can see the difference,
They ask “What are you doing?”  and I think they are expecting responses like: 
“I got myself a Himalayan guru” or ; 
“Im using mud packs from melted Fijian snow.” Or;
“I ordered a juice off the late night shopping channel that is made from the fossilised DNA from the DODO bird.”
They expect anything thats easier than giving up sugar, because when I tell them, I cut out my sugar. They looked surprised.

And thats because the more than half the time, we don't even realise that we are eating the sugar we are eating. Its in everything.EVERYTHING! Even Weetbix! Weetbix! I always thought it was just wheat. Silly me.

Sarah Wilson takes a gently gently approach and advises to treat it like an experiment.
And I think thats the best way to go about it. Gently gently. Because once you start feeling the improvements, your motivated. Motivated and converted - so theres no need for the bootcamp do it or die approach.

Its been a good few weeks since I finished the detox and the sugar has crept back in at times, but overall I would consider my diet to be low sugar, and hopefully I can get it even lower.

My next challenge is to tackle the kids, and get them off the white stuff!

Would I recommend you quit sugar?
Yes. DO IT.
Its scary, but thats ok, start small and slowly cut it out, you will feel the difference and wonder why you didn't do it before. Or if your still scared sign up for Sarahs program like me - just try it and see how you go.

So don’t be scared, just give it a go. If I can. You can.

Peas Out



  1. Wow. You are so right. I'd be one of those people going "You look fantastic, what are you doing? You quit sugar? Yeah, nah. I can't do that. Not. Gonna. Happen." as I back away slowly leaving you and your perfect skin and through the roof energy levels to yourself.

    I love sugar, I love chocolate (and don't tell me to eat that raw no sugar stuff - I've tried and that's NOT chocolate). But I'm intrigued - how can I not be? It sounds pretty good. And it makes sense. But still. Really? You reckon I could do this? Hmmm, still not convinced.

    Thanks for getting me thinking though! x

  2. I reckon you can OneSmallLife. I didn't do it by myself and its still a work in progress for me - The 8 week program really helped me and gave me the ability and tools to do it. Maybe start small and cut out all your processed food.... (Did you know baked beans has sugar in it?) but don't cut your chocolate. Do what works for you.... And your right the raw no sugar chocolate is not chocolate. Its nasty!! lol.