16 December 2013

The hair clip that broke the Mummy camels back!

Ok. So.
After my last post, it all went down hill somewhat. I went from having a great looking clip all blue and sequinny, perfect for a dance recital to 11:30pm the next night tearing my hair out and stressed beyond belief.

Im not really sure how a tiny hair clip and a dance routine less than two minutes can cause so much stress, but it comes under the bracket of what I like to call 'Mum stress.'

Mum stress is stress over the small things, although they don't feel small at the time. At the end of the day, or the next day or after your daughter performs perfectly at her dance recital you think - all that stress over nothing.....?

Mum stress is: Does you son have a warm enough jumper at the school camp and what if it gets wet? You only packed one!
Mum stress is: Does your daughter have the right shoes on the right feet so they don't get blisters, cuts or burnt feet.
Mum stress is: Quick quick get in the bath, its already 8:30pm and you need to be up at 5am the next day to get on a plane/train/bus.

Mum stress is all the little things that make the family function  - because if Mum doesn't stress who will?

Not Dad thats for sure!
They don't stress if your son doesn't have a jumper - well maybe he can borrow one.
Dads dont stress if your daughter doesn't the right shoes - they can just wear bare feet, i'll scrub them in the bath tonight.
Dads don't care if the kids get in the bath late and bed late - They can sleep in the car on the way.

Why is it so much simpler for Dads?
Because Dads do it different.
Not wrong.
Just different.

And although I was stressed over a small hair clip which evens I type that it seems ridiculous - my stress levels have actually decreased since I accepted that Dads do it different!

Its a hard lesson for Mums to learn but a worthwhile one.

As it turns out my hair clip went from this:
A perfectly great looking hair clip - But a bit too heavy for dancing so it kept falling out!

To this:

Tiny bits of ribbon not really long enough to do anything with, after my two attempts at a ribbon pom pom failed miserably (insert Mum stress now)

To This:
 a tulle pom pom that stayed in Miss Ls hair and didn't annoy her while she performed on stage 
(very proud mum moment - with a bit of mum stress too!)

Peas Out.

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